when using quick print i normally used a force of 105 and everything was perfect.  today i seem to need to use a force of 240.  I checked the knife and it seems good.  what would make the difference and is it a problem.  could it be that the spring is stretch?




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Sounds more like a chipped blade to me. If you have a new blade, pop it in and give that a try. You can also look at the blade under a magnifying glass and see if it is chipped.

thanks steve


I guess i will order a new blade .  which is the standard one that comes with the machine and is a special blade for cut small text?




When I first read your post, like Steve I thought it was a chipped blade.............but after you said you checked the blade, I didn't answer.

I keep 2 separate blade holders with 2 different blades. One I use for general cutting, the other I use for laminated prints and detail cutting

For me, the cost of the extra blade holder was well worth the time fussing to get the settings correct every time I need to switch.

Not saying that you shouldn't ALWAYS do a test cut...........but having the 2 blade holders gives me a dependable starting point with each blade.


Lady Di





which type blade do you use for the detail cutting.  would that also include small ext?

Great idea about the extra blade with the holder. That would save extra time! I need to get an extra one.

Here's something funny about me and quick print, The first week after the machine was installed I was messing around with it and couldn't get QP to cut unless I turned the force up to 200+ I called my rep at Imprintables and he said 90ish should be the max setting, so I ordered another blade thinking I screwed mine up already,"short version", I had the QP in upside-down and was printing and cutting the plastic backing, flipped it all was well. I don't have many ego problems so ain't afraid to tell anyone. But "Won't do that again" I hope"" 

The standard 45° blade, if you want to cut heavier materials like anything close to .030 you go to a 60° blade, all that stuff is on the site just go up to the upper right hand corner and type in a keyword, there's a ton of info from past questions available there, also the RolandDGA site, lot's of good stuff there also. I live about twenty miles or less from you if you ever have a question or I could help you with something.

Interesting.  I keep a record of blade force for each blade installed in our SP 540i.  With a new blade, the force I need to clean cut Quick Print is generally between 35 and 40 gf.  By the time I get to 105, I'm thinking about replacing the blade.  When the blade force gets above 100, I generally notice that the cuts on Solutions Opaque and Clear become more ragged instead of clean. 

I used to keep one extra blade as a spare.  The problem is that even the spares can sometimes chip.  Now, I keep several on hand; they don't go bad.


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