First Problem, When I save my file in EPS the cutlines will not show up in Versaworks. However, when I save it in PDF the cutlines some up. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Second question, I can not get the contour tool to "light up" in Coreldraw 2020 to offset the cut lines so that the white edge will not show. I know it is probably something simple but I have watched so many videos and still nothing. Screen and files attached.


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Q1: Right Click on versaworks and run it as administrator - then bring in and see if it works - if so - you copy of VW was not installed correctly.

Q2: Not sure of your question - but if I am guessing correctly - did you select what you want and then see if it works.

New page, draw a circle - convert to curve, then select the contour tool to see if it becomes active. if so - check to see what you are missing with what you are looking to do

I did run as administrator and it still will not. This is the same problem we were having then you were at my store and tech support installed the Versaworks. Who should I contact to help me resolve this problem? 

Also, The contour will still not work when I draw the circle, convert to curve select the contour tool still nothing. For the life of me, I can't get it to work.. I have attached a video. 

OK something is not installed correctly. Maybe graphic program or maybe VW. Call Stahls customer service. Either Trevor or Bryce can remote in and take a look. I will be in Michigan next week and have no trips scheduled yet to your area. If they cannot get it sorted out, then just report that back on this thread.

Trena, Like Irv, I’m not sure what you are asking about the Contour tool. 
Hard to see from your picture but it doesn’t look like you told the contour which way to go. 
Select a direction.....inside or outside and see if the tool “lights” up for you.

But, if all you want to do is make a bleed, you don’t even need to bother with a contour in this case.

It looks like you already have your cutline around the gnome. If so, (because your design has an inherent black outline all the way around it), all you need to do is (1) duplicate that + on your keyboard, (2) send it to the back (3) change the color to black and increase the outline width to something that will incorporate any drifting while the is machine cutting.

You should now be looking at a black outline around that cutline. That way if/when the Versacamm decides to sway and wiggle off course a little, you’ll be covered. No white whoopsies.

Hope some of this helps

Lady Di

Thank you Lady Di. This worked!


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