I will again lead with the fact that I am new to the world of print/cut.....

I'm all for learning the hard way however I have exhausted all of my research and 'figure it out on my own' attempts.

I do a test cut on all media before printing any designs, I find the correct force but I am constantly running into this issue when I go to weed the design.

I have replaced blades a couple of time to make sure they are new/undamanged/sharp.

I have watched video after video and am amazed out how simple weeding looks....just pull it away like magic!

I have had to hold down each and every letter or shape while I pull the media away.

If I up the force any more it goes through the entire media and the plastic backing punches through.

I have tried the masking before weeding and that has resulted in even more of a nightmare.

I am mainly using the Stahl's Express print, soft opaque and thermo film.

I did learn about the EPS margins needing to be changed to .35......This has helped make the cut continuous and complete, no more tails connecting and what appears to be incomplete cuts.....however I am unable to just peel the media away without holding down each piece that needs to stay and getting the letters started before pulling.

So many customers are coming in with logo's that require small lettering and I want to get to a point where I don't cringe at the thought of having to weed these types of logo's.

What am I doing wrong!?!

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Tina, Tina, Tina

Your post is personal to me!

So as a refresher, I will go over some things and you tell me which of them I did not cover with you.

1. Start with a blade - need to ensure it is not chipped - look under a magnify glass

what can chip it - cutting too deep; old blade; cutting into cutting strip

2. Cuts hooking, or curving - offset issue - check on the test cut - the manual will tell you whether to adjust plus or minus

For your 45 and 60 deg blades the offset should be .250

3. The EPS margins are to allow cuts to be within the image boundary. It should not be affecting your cuts. 

General notes: Apparel media is different from decal and cad cut media. Different where cad cut has adhesive backing so it holds better. The back of decal media has adhesive so it will hold, however the apparel media no adhesive and could pull up. I see folks who will print and cut and just let it rip to weed.  I will say that is more likely with decal or cad cut media. With apparel media, I pop the waste away from the work. Never enjoy small letters and use cadcut where I can. You can try less force, but do 2 passes. You set that up in VW in the Cutting tab. 

Let me know if you need any of these further explained. Lastly, if you use a 60degree blade - be sure to reduce your force.

I know I know....I'm trying! haha Brain....that still applies right (for the rest of my life)!?!? :D

I have changed the blades a couple of times just in case.

A manual! That's you right??   ;)

I finally had a breakthrough after many attempts....I kept adjusting the force and speed until it gave me what I needed....I was afraid it was too much at first because it seemed like it was going to go through the back plastic material but I found a sweet spot (different from the suggested force provided by Stahl's) but I'm realizing that's just a guide and there are a thousand different variables that can stray it from that number/range......?

I'm doing a lot of stretchy performance material so I like using the soft opaque and the supertek opaque but they are so incredible thin it's going to take much patience every time I use it otherwise weeding will continue to be a nightmare!

Don't worry...I told you I'm determined to figure all these things out even if it means venting on this discussion board ;)

I'll make you proud Coach :D

LOL, all sounds great.

As you know I monitor here and since I did your install if you need - you can PM me or try Chat if you see I am online. 

Did not mention above, but might have when I was there. I do slow down the printer to 10 or 15 if I am doing small letters. The material is thin and stretchy so - you may find a 60deg blade sweeter. As you found out, those settings on the site are guides, but so many variables. The temps are good. Get those standard 5 pack for 25 - both 45 and 60s and they should last you for months. Remember only a credit card thickness out. Happy CAMMing!


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