We are having a weird problem.  We are doing labels for a customer and have rounded corners.  The bottom of the label does not cut.  Even if we remove the rounded corners it doesn't work.  We have to remove the cut lines and use the "cut image boundaries" to get it to work and we loose the rounded corners.  Any suggestions.

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Hello Mark, Checked your file in corel - looked good there - ran it through VW and it worked there so I would try to reload the file, or initialize VW to get it back on track.

How about the eps margin parameters in your queue settings? Did they get changed by accident, maybe?

Great point, Lady Di

As a noob here getting my feet wet, I can tell you that the margin parameters setting is what got me around this issue a few weeks back. 

I know it was always greyed out in my settings, and had to be set from a sub-menu in preferences. 

go to your ques settings - then select the file format tab. Add a 0.01 to the eps margin. 

You will need to reload the graphic to apply the margin. It should fix the issue.

With EPS files, it can sometimes clip an edge and cause the cutline to not show if they were on that edge. 

here is a video showing the setting I am talking about. Right around 1:50 I start talking about the specific for that setting



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