Has anyone ever had this issue?

Sometimes when I export from Corel my cut line doesn't completely show up in Versaworks. For example, I'll put a cut line around my graphic, export it as an eps, then bring it into Versaworks. When I zoom in to check the cut line I can see about 80% of it going around my graphic, but there is a section missing. At first I just thought the preview was missing it, but when it actually cut, it wasn't completely cutting...See attached graphic


Anyone seen this before?

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Easy fix Joe - in the queue settings you need to change your margin under the file format tab to a minimum of 0.10. EPS files sometimes get clipped at the edges and this is typical of that effect. By adding a margin you are giving it a bit of a buffer to allow the edge not to be clipped. You will have to bring the job back into Versaworks as the queue settings are applied when a file is brought into versaworks and that particular setting cannot be changed once the file is in. 

Here is a video where I talk about it: http://myversacamm.com/video/versaworks101-queue-and

Hope this helps!

Hi Steven. Does it matter if file format will be .eps or .pdf ?

the margin option is only for EPS files. PDF files are not affected by this. 

Hi Steven. Thank you for quick responce. I have Roland VersaCamm vs-640i. Which version of EPS should I export from Adobe Illustrator CC to print and cut correctly? EPS 10, 8 or default CC version?

Any of them should work. I use the default CC version mostly. 

I get it a lot when I don't pay attention to 'page size' or 'document setup'. In Flexi Sign, sometimes adding a contour path around an image extends past the actual page edge-and when exported to Versaworks, it won't read any 'off the edge' portions of cutpath or print. Same thing happens in Macromedia Freehand-usually I have the page scaled to fit the image, and forget when I add the CutPath that even touching the page edge-Versaworks won't read it. Have to pay attention to the fine details...

Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try.

I used to get that but my quick fix, which may be frowned on by the more experienced is just draw a rectangle or eclipse (or whatever suits your design) with no outline or fill a few millimeters bigger than your design around it, then send it to cut & print, it works fine for me.

Cool, editing the EPS margin did the job. I can see the complete cut line. Thanks again!

I am having the same problem but Steve's comment didn't fix the problem. I took the Roland Academy course with Steve Jackson last October.

did oyu re import the job after you adjusted the eps margin? It is applied when a job is added to Versaworks and cannot be done to an already existing job. 

yes I did, I have never ever had this problem with Versa before. I just imported a simple rectangle with a contour cut around it and when it gets to versa it only shows, and cuts half of it..


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