I created these words for a customer, which I attached. I put an outline around the lettering. Then when I go to put the cutline around the lettering. It cuts out the outline around the letters. I just printed it out and my outline color is gone.  How do I fix this?Erins birthday shirts

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You have been having problem with the cut contour for a while. Here is a simple way of looking at your problem.

If you study this image you will get the picture

This is a glass on a coaster shaped like a slice of toast.

The glass is sitting on a coaster. 

Your graphic/text is not sitting on anything. Therefore the printer does not have anything to cut out but the letters. 

So is you made a heart shape object with the stroke of the cut contour color the printer would have something else to cut instead of the letters.

The analogy is your text is the glass and the cut contour object is the toast shaped coaster. 

The way to achieve this is to use the contour tool and create an outline of the text and give it the cut contour color;

Play with the contour tool and you will get it.


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When you create an outline or contour you need to separate it from your text. Do this in the arrange toolbar, click ungroup , click  on your outline, (if it is a simple outline for each letter move the original text to the side ) , if one piece right click on cutcontour color, (if individual pieces for each letter click group) then click on cutcontour color. Zoom in to see if the cutcontour line is only where you need it. Move original text back if moved before.


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