Hello all, we recently had our main board, power supply board and servo boards replaced on our VP540i and everything seems to be working well but now we are having curing issues. I did notice that the heat on the dryer(apron) is warmer on the right side versus the left side(when standing in front of the printer). This did cause some minor curing issues on the left side. I did measure the temps across 8 different points on the dryer which gave me a degree difference of 20 degress. 99 degrees on the far left and 119 on the far right. I did have a 30" roll when I checked the temps. Question, should the heat on the dryer be evenly dispersed through the whole 54" width of the dryer? Or is the set temp only isolated to the 30" area of the dryer? 

My next issue related to the print heater behind the dryer. Should I feel heat coming from that section if its set to 104 degrees? I can feel the heat on the dryer which is set to 114 degrees. Why can't I feel any heat from the print heater? 

Basically the issue that I am having is that the tail end of the 14" print job is a slightly different color. All heads are firing 100% with no drop outs. 

Did our Roland tech not calibrate voltage correctly or is this a thermister that needs to be replaced? 

Feel free to ask for clarification. 

Thanks guys!

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I have too many questions to begin that list for clarification. 

However, at the end of the day, your questions should be with the tech that did all of that changing. 

And yes I am questioning the thermistor.

Yes even temperature across the dryer in the front and yes you should feel heat in the rear - pre-heat.

My question is why are you setting the temps and not using the default media in the printer settings

Hi Irving, thanks for the quick response. I am looking to get more info before I call the tech back to fix the issue but wanted to make sure I understood the print heater and dryer functions. 

The temps are set by the media MCVP profile I downloaded from Roland DGA two weeks ago. We always use the media temps recommended. As a test, I used the media temp settings in Versaworks as we always do to run the 14"(height) print. Still had issues with the tail end of the print. Colors are shifting slightly but enough to notice a difference. Then I bypassed the media settings and set the printer temp settings(dryer and print heater) to the media recommended temps. Same issue, the tail end had some color issues. I also did increase the both the dryer and print heater to the highest it would go and still had the same printing issues with curing and the tail end of the print. 

The tech needs to sort it out. It might be a voltage issue, but the tech should have sorted that out along with whether you needed a thermistor also. You have enough info in your thread to provide him before he shows up so that he would come with his/her meter and parts to swap out.

Had the tech come out on Friday. He did not find any issues. He said heaters are good. I didn't mention voltage and he said all checked out and said thermistor was good. The tail end of the prints are still a coming out a slightly different tint. The color in question is a vegas gold Pantone 4525c. The first part of the logo prints vegas and then it shifts to a greenish/vegas gold on the tail end. I ran a CMYK vertical test. Each line was 1" wide and 14" tall in hopes of seeing if a certain channel was having some kind of ink starvation at the tail end. That test did not give much hope as the test was perfect. No ink starvation. I did notice that the yellow had other colors(dots) in it. It wasn't pure yellow. I did 100% of all individual ink channels. 

Not sure what else could be causing the tail end of the logo to shift. Any ideas what could be doing this?

Did you print your file while the tech was there? Did you show him what you were seeing?

So a few things:

Post a nozzle test,

How old are the captop

Have you cleaned the encoder strip with alcohol 

How old are your dampers

IF heaters are not working - look for this

Heat too high - grainy prints - no dot expansion

Heat too low - muddle prints - orange peel effect - dots are expanding too much into the next dot

Not sure how old the cap tops are. We have had a few different people using the machine who no longer work here. So I am just filling in trying to figure things out.

I do have some cap tops on order.


We have not cleaned the encoder strip but I will do that now. 

Not sure how old the dampers are. 

I think as of now, heaters are fine as we do not have any issues with other colors except vegas gold which we have done this color for 14 years on the same printer with no issues. 

Although, I did notice after running the vegas gold in vertical mode in a 1" x 14" strip and I did notice some overspray occurring towards the tail end of the print. Could this be a static issue. See test print. Heads are all firing great. 

Here is a pick of the vegas gold. I didn't notice but there is a gradual magenta overspray on the vegas gold. The overspray becomes more apparent as the printer gets to the tail end of the logo which is why the tint of the vegas gold starts changing to a greenish vegas gold. IMG_6250.jpg

We will change out the cap tops once they arrive. Anything else I should try? 

Ok first and important - clean encoder strip with alcohol - do not think it is your issue

Check your calibration - go Menu - down to calibration - test print

check to see if the one box sits right on top of the next (yours may have a very slight overlap (where arrow is) if so move to where they are looking like one continuous. 

Next what is the humidity in your printing area. I see you are in OR, but I do not know if you are printing in a dry environment and that would cause the misting, if it is not from deflecting - I do not see any major deflections, other than 2 blacks. 

Also do not like the graininess. Colors should look smooth, so again - if you are setting your temps, you will not get the correct dot gain. 

So as a test since you think it is because of vertical - than try printing it horizontally which will verify a few of the concerns. 

I know folks will say they have been getting same results for X years, but now this - however, things do change - weather, age of media, age of captops, age of inks - operators. Not saying any of these are your issues, but they are contributing variables that must be worked through. Captops are rated for 6 months - you are running CMYK so you can get longer - but anything after a year would make them suspect. Outliers may get 2 years or less critical viewers.


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