Next week I will be moving 1,100 miles from California to Colorado. We will do the trip over 2 days - 2 legs of 8 hours each. Total unplug time for the printer will be 36-40 hours.

I've only ever owned a BN-20 for the past 2 years. I'm basically a novice user by most standards, so I would need some step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the printer for the move.

I have the original box and packing materials for the BN-20, including the gray inserts for the ink cartridge slots.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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If you want to use in Colorado, in the Utility perform the pump up, which removes the ink. Put in the head lock or secure the head. Remove the waste tank and whenever you are ready the machine will be ready and then you will need the dummy cartridges.

What does a pump up do? Is that the "Pump Ink" option?

How do I put the head lock in or secure the print head?

Are the dummy (gray) foam cartridges for use during transport? Are they installed during ink pump?



Pump up - removes all the ink from the machine. Then you can take forever to fill ink, to get it going again. The dummy cartridges is for when you are re-inking. Can't remember what locks the BN, but you can use a piece of foam or cardboard to lock the head in place and keep it on the captop. Welcome

Do I pump ink after I remove the cartridges?

The procedure will walk you through it.

Will 1 cleaning cartridge be enough for the pump out?

Actually Cannot remember on the BN - good chance is yes - the others need two at a time - you can check the roland site.

I Believe one full cartridge does the trick. 

I just did the Pump Ink process. It never asked me for a cleaning cartridge. It ended with the dummy cartridges out. Do I need to re-insert the dummy cartridges for shipping?


Nope you are good to go. It is the head wash that uses the cleaners then. As stated it will fill when you turn it on, so it is good as long as it takes. Mine was shipped from a Texas office in such state and then it waited until I was ready.

The move is taking 4 days instead of 2. Also, there are a lot of hills and the moving truck is parked at an incline. I hope I’m ok.

That is why you remove the ink, no need to worry. Caution do not park behind the truck, incase the gears slip, your car will not be ok!


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