I'd like to use my versacamm's cutter function to cut out some vinyl lettering for application on a shirt but I'm not sure how to get the cut lines inside the letters. For instance, how do I cut out the inside of letters P, B, O, etc? I know how to get a cut line around the outside but not sure how to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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For simple one color text, you don't need to do anything
Right click on your text in Corel and apply your Cutcontour color to the hairline outline

If you have 2 color letters, it's probably easiest to add a contour to your text first and then right click to add your cutline outline

Lady Di

Thanks for the reply. I know how to get the cut line for the outside of the lettering but I'm not sure how to have it apply to the inside of the letters.



Kevin are you using Corel?

Just right clicking on your Cutcontour color will put the outline around the whole letter, both inside and out

Are you maybe creating a Boundary around the text by mistake?

Yes, I'm using X5. I should also have mentioned that the letters are actually a bitmap image. I'm assuming this makes a big difference.

Ah, Kevin, that makes all the difference in the world!
Apples Oranges.......no Apples Chopped Meat

I try to avoid bitmap text images as much as possible
Text should be as crisp & clean as possible

(1) If you can recreate the text, do that
(2) If you can't, can it be auto-traced?
(3) if neither of the above options is a possibility, then you can at least use the trace as a powerclip container
Use a simplified trace as your container
Depending on how you traced, you may need to manually draw the interior pieces of the A's and B's, etc and combine them to make your container before you powerclip that bitmap

Clear as mud?

Thanks for your help and advice. I had our designer remake the art as a vector image to make life easier. Mission accomplished.

Thanks again!



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