Oh my gosh!!!!  Kill me now!  For some reason I cannot open either version of coreldraw x5 or 6, I keep getting an error message saying that it is unable to load corelDrw.dll error code 998.  I've been to the corel site and the code has something to do with a search browser  "SearchNu".  I've followed all of the steps that they give and still it's a no go.  I've restarted the computer about 4 times now and nothing.  Anyone see this or have any ideas??? 

Kathy Mac

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If windows has updated recently the problem might be there, I had a similar problem with a corel plug in that stopped working. You could try restoring your computer to a time before the update and see if it opens then you will know for sure if it is Corel or windows thats causing the problem.

Corel hates you

Just kidding :) might have to re install if the rollback does not work. 

I believe your problem my be the searchgu malware and not searchnu. If it is searchgu run a good malware removing program, run the repair option on Corel and things should be back to normal.

Ok, well after an hour with corel on my computer, it is finally working.  The tech thought it was also that searchnu but he couldn't find it either.  Ding ding ding, Bob you are the winner!  They tried everything and the last ditch effort was to do a system restore from about 3 days ago.  It is working, lost 3 hours but at least I am up and running.  Thanks everyone..... (even Steve who thinks Corel hates me :-(

Kathy Mac

Glad you got it goin! The reason it can't be found is because it hides in your registry and is attached to other files as well. It downloads attached to other downloads without your knowing it.

yes, it is obviously a nasty little thing!  what peeves me is that I have supposedly multiple layers of virus and malware  protection, have the receipts to prove it! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Nasty little bastard there. I did some research on it this morning and it seems like it will slide right past most anti virus programs as it is a user option when downloading other software or files. 

I highly encourage you to use dropbox for sending files with clients etc. We do not allow for send it or other file sending applications just because of these types of issues from them. 


Ok, maybe it is early in the morning but I am totally confused my friend.  How would dropbox prevent any of this? What is send it?

Yousendit.com is a file sending service that many people use. There are a bunch of others out there as well, just this one popped into mind first. What happens a lot of the time is that a customer has a file that is too big to email and sends you a link to download it. It may be through one of these services and many times these services are a bit deceiving and it is easy to click the wrong download link and get a program installed that you did not want - i.e. - searchgu. 

Not saying that is what happened here but it could be and it might happen to someone else. With dropbox, yo create a shared folder for the client and have them put the file there and yo u will have it on your end as well once it is uploaded. Clean, no other malware, shareware etc. to worry about and easy. Plus, the more people you get setup and using dropbox with you, the more free storage space you get!

Hope this clears it up a bit

A big atta boy for you Steve anytime you have a very large file that has to be compressed off of the internet watch out for those damn DOWNLOAD NOW buttons right at the top they often have a free registry check included with them they are malware,spyware.ect  and they will attack your system with all kinds of junk change your homepage ect. first thing to do is yank out the Ethernet wire or shut off your router, I was down for two days last time I got one of those damn things, 


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