Hi Guys, anyone have success loading a CutContour colour into Coreldraw 2017. Versaworks wont recognise it no matter what I do.

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I don't use 2017 for production but I just gave it a try....works fine on my end.

I don't use VW dual and I'm not even sure if that could be the issue or not.
Steven/Irv, is this one of the parameters that you need to set the placement of the cutline to the center? Or is that just with Illy?


Thanks ladyDi. Im not sure what you mean in the second paragraph though

I know some folks are having problems seeing their cutlines....or seeing too many cutlines when using VW Dual and Illustrator. That's why I asked Steve or Irv if that was the case with Corel as well.
As I said, for me anyway..........the contour cutline I made CD 2017, works fine in VW.

To clarify.....are you having issues with loading the correct color in Corel? Or are you just having problems with Versaworks recognizing the color?

Thanks again for your reply. It looks like its more an issue with vw not recognising the coloue
If you post the file, I’ll be glad to bring it into VW on my end and see if it works......at least then we can pinpoint exactly where the problem comes in.

You never said, are you using Dual?

Thanks for your reply. Please find attached test file. We are not using the Dual Version


Which VersaWorks version is it?

Hi irving im not in work now but i think its version 5
Sorry forgot to mention its not Dual
I will post a file on monday if thats ok. Thanks for all your replies

OK just ensure you are running it as Admin (more for dual), next in corel when you export do not check convert spot colors. That is checked in VW only!

Thanks Irving, yes I am running it as Admin and I am not converting it to a spot colour in Coreldraw.

We are running vw 5.3.0 - we have no issues with the contour cut in version 4.1.1

I have uploaded a test file



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