Hi Guys, anyone have success loading a CutContour colour into Coreldraw 2017. Versaworks wont recognise it no matter what I do.

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Your cutline is not correct....it's coming in as a CMYK color
Make sure you're using the correct VW palette and like Irv says, check your eps export settings.

Thanks for that. But that's really odd as it says CutContour Hairline on my system

Agreed it is a CutContour hairline, however...............

It is a process color not a spot color

You made it and it is not a VW color

It is ok to make your own, just need to make sure it is a spot color

If it was from the VW, then you converted it on export - sorry but no way else for that to happen

In my VW it would print the color

Thanks Irving and thanks to everyone who has replied. I guess I am going to go back to the drawing board on this whilst pulling out my hair. I'm not sure what is happening here at all. When i imported the eps file that i uploaded here, it came through as a contour cut. I have installed the vw palette and still no joy. I have created a new palette and when in the palette editor in corel I  have it "treated" as a spot. When exporting as an eps I am doing the exact same thing as I am doing on an earlier version of vw  - but still no joy. When I export as an eps I have the output colours as "Native", I have NOT clicked the "convert spot colour", preview is Tiff, Mode is "8 bit clour" and compatibility is "PostScript 3". I am sure I am doing your heads in at this stage :)

Well guys, i did go back to the drawing board and i un-installed vw and then re-installed and hey presto the bloody thing worked. So something must have gone wrong in the initial installation of the program. Thank you all very much for your input on this. It was very much appreciated. Now to catch up on all the printing and cutting :)

All previous stated was correct as far as methodology. If you do not have a full version of VW installed or it fails, then you will get what you described. The first step is to initialize it, and if that does not work, then the full reinstall. You went for the gusto and now Happy CAMMing!

Thanks irving, yes everything that was stated was correct. Thats why i was tearing my hair out as i knew i was doing what i supposed to be doing. :) thanks again for all your input. It was very much appreciated.

So is your feedback to help others with similar issues. Until next time.


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