Before i upgraded to windows 10 I could copy and paste a name in Corel X6 and retype the name saving the attributes.  now when i copy /paste and retype a name the font/color etc.  goes back to default settings.  Is there a setting i am not finding that will allow me to do this.  

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Is your corel set as administrator - not sure but that would allow it to write the new changes


I wouldn't know how to check.  i assume it is.

when you click on the start menu - find the corel tab in the menu - right click and tell it to run as an administrator - then check what you are trying to do

i tried, didn't work.  thinking it might be time for an upgrade.  :-)

It might be, but with that said it should still work. I just do not understand what you are trying to do. I just do not like that Corel went to a yearly plan. I went from X7 to the current edition and it will be at least another 2 or 3 years before I change this one.

I found a way to work around it.  I agree with you I hate subscriptions. 

thanks for all your help on this forum.  you are the best!!

Welcome, thanks for your acknowledgement!


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