Is there a way in object manager to select all objects of one color easily?  I know I can select each curve individually, but is there a way to select all at once?

For instance, I have a camo pattern that I want to change the colors of, I want to be able to select all of one color, then change that color with out having to "control/click" every one in object manager.

The program I used previously had a real slick way of doing this and I am sure corel does also, I just haven't figured it out yet....

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Lots of ways to do it in Corel, Tim...............but not with Object Manager


Open your Color Styles Docker.

Drag your whole design into the docker

All the colors in your design should be listed.

Drag a color from your color palette and place it on top of the color in the Color Styles docker that you want to change.............voile!

All instances of that color will instantly change to the new color you selected.


Alternately, you can use the Find & Replace option in Corel


Or another one of my favorites is the (free) Color Replacer macro from Oberon





Lady Di

Thanks so much!  That works, and I never would have figured that one out on my own!

ah, I love those stories with happy endings!


glad you got it working



Thanks Lady Di,

I checked out the Color Replacer from Oberon it looks great.

There's a bunch of other free macro's that look very helpful also

The link is

If anyone wants to check them out they can be used in Corel X5 as well.

Thank You!! I owe you one (well maybe ten or so), Thanks,

J Hyde.

I'm a macro junkie, John......use them all the time, any time, to make my life easier and cut down on design time

There's several places online to get useful ones but Jeff's has by far the most abundant and diverse selection all bundled into one place
If you get a minute (or a few hours!) browse around there. Bet you'll find plenty of nifty tools to help

Lady Di


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