First post as I just got my Versacamm VS300i installed on Wednesday.  Tech set up the cut contour cooir in the Corel Draw palette but after closing Corel and reopening.  I am not seeing it.  Can anyone tell me how to retrieve the cut contour "color"? Also, wondering if there is a way to pin that color to the taskbar or somehow anchor it in the software so I don't go through this each time I close Corel Draw.  Thank you!

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Which version of Corel - most after X5 is the same for getting to it

these are tabs in Corel

Window>Color Palettes>Color Palette Manager> Look for the Roland Folder click the drop down

Click the oval in front of Roland Versaworks and Color System Library

As for making it permanent - do all above on a new page and after you finish in the Tools tab Select 'Save Settings As Default'


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