Roland some time ago announced the discontinuation of the TruVis Ink. In the last month, I had to upgrade 2 printers with the old ink. The MAIN ISSUE is the old printer will not run without the old ink and you cannot get the old ink. That leads to a problem of not being able to upgrade to the new ink, thus no printer.I am hearing an assortment of reasons, just no if one cartridge runs out while you are trying to recoup your money - a creek, a paddle, and you are up it. Do not store or stock up on ink, they have an expiration date. 

To upgrade ink you need to update firmware. The firmware you can jump to is 4.30. That one has all the incremental ones. If you are on a 1.X then you need to go to the 2 series before getting up to the 4.30. If you are the type to jump and do a 4.1ish - then you will be locked in neverland.

Peck 1 will no longer work on the SG/VG ink converted TV2 ink - you need Peck two and certification to open. VW dual and lower 6.Xs no longer work, you will need at least 6.6.

Lastly - if you have a SG - 4 carts or VG with 8 Carts - remember that those machines have a cleaning cart and if you do not get them - more problems.  Just a friendly reminder that Roland was not joking about converting.

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