Anybody on here ever cut window decals out of 50/50 perforated vinyl?


I tried to make a couple and the versacamm sounded horrible trying to cut it, All the sharp corners tore out trying to weed around it.  That stuff is to expensive to be experimenting with..

I may not have had enough blade pressure or does it take a different blade? I used a 45


I have made one before but the corners were not as sharp.  I did not think it looked good on the window either but I am getting more people wanting see thru window decals.


What are the tricks to cut these and make them look good?

Thanks, Steven

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i only tried this once, like you not happy with the end result....

what if it was laminated?...that way the little bits wont move as much...just a thought..i should go try it

we tried this at the end of one of my recent classes as someone wanted to see if it could be done. Without lamination - horrible mess - with lamination - it worked better but not what I would call great results.

Chris I have contour cut them into shapes and placed them on a store window. As long as you do your depth adjustment and maybe start with a new blade you will be fine. I was looking on my facebook to see if I had pictures up - The designs were free flowing nothing intricate.


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