contour cut won`t show color of image just the marching ants

hello all   have a small problem when i contour cut a image with color and

send it to versaworks,the only result i get is the marching ants void of color.showing up in versaworks

has anyone else had this problem or know a solution?



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Are you sure that you're selecting the whole image when exporting? The colored part as well as the cut line?

Sure sounds like you've only got the cutcontour selected


Post the original file.......before export.............and we'll be glad to take a look for you



Lady Di

yes, i`m selecting the whole image,i think it may have to do with my corel,because now when i make a contour cut line the lines are off a bit to the right just a little,  and that`s  without moving them at all.



The contour line shouldn't be off...........this sounds like you are putting a contour around an object that already has an outline around it

When viewed, as a whole, or with other graphic elements, it's not unusual for you to get that result.

Again, upload your file, I'll be glad to look at it for you.

I certainly don't have all the answers but I've been working with Corel daily for 20 years. In that time, I've seen a pretty good representation of 'stuff' that can and will happen..................(smile)


Lady Di


now it`s getting crazy when isend it to versaworks and you see the marching ants ,i deceided tosend it through  it cuts the image but no color where it says ink cc it shows 0.00,but it contour cut the design with the in image?

but if i just print the same image it prints without  a problem?



Did you select Print and Cut in VersaWorks?  Selecting only Cut will show marching ants with no color.

There you go Dennis..................good suggestion!

Might as well start with the absolute basic obvious stuff

How many times do people jump right in with both feet and forget to test the waters? One of those forest-through-the-trees things.

I like how your brain works :)



can you post all the files you are working with? The corel file, eps and any other that you have. We can diagnose a lot of times based on those.

actually i selected the printer at the bottom,my settings should not have changed but i`ll check that out.


let me see if ican post the files



where do i check to select print and cut in veraworks?


Versaworks open job - in Job Settings - select Cut Control Tab - Look in Operation Mode - this should help you along

thanks  i`ll check that now


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