Okay... I have read, and read, but am more confused now than ever about laminating decals...
1st... How long will the ink last on a decal without lamination, if it is on lets say a vehicle?

2nd... I guess the best way I can go about laminating a decal that is contour cut is to use liquid or spray laminate, but is there a video or some type of information on how to laminate decals?

I already decorate apparel using a direct to garment printer and sublimation, so the VP 300 is for making full color decals and banner, and garment is the last thing. Thanks

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Not sure whether there is a video, but lining up your registration marks is pretty easy. I believe I read where the round registration marks need to be positioned over your cutting strip. Sometimes it's difficult to see the cutting strip because your sheet of vinyl is covering it. To solve this problem I used a Sharpie and marked on my media clamps the location of the cutting strip.

I'm having problemlocating my crop marks :(  I printed my decals using "crop marks (print/cut aligment)", laminated the decals, reloaded the laminated vinyl into printer (Yes the correct end is forward) lining up the front crop circles over the cutting strip, closed the pinch roller down and closed the front clear lid and....... it only measures the width of the material!  What am I doing wrong?


Did you change the print only to cut only in your Cut Control?
Sounds like you never did that

DON'T get media size
You can let VW read the width because it will automatically when you lower the handle.....but after it does that just switch your cut control and it will read the marks and start to cut


Thanks for you info: I had a brain dead day and totally forgot I needed to click "print" (but actually cut only), I don't do a lot of these cut/aligment jobs so I forgot the last step.


Vinyl Wrap is long lasting at least 3-5 years and the best way to give a new look to your vehicle. Car wrap is giving new look and increase the resale value of your car.



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