I have a Versacamm VS-300 i and occasionally have an issue with cut lines wandering if I print/cut an image vertically as opposed to horizontally across the page.  I had a job this past week lettering a van, the logo for the back door was 24" wide so I could print the entire thing horizontally and it printed and cut flawlessly, the sides needed to be 38" wide so I had to rotate the image 90 degrees to print and when I did that the cut lines wandered way off, I ended up doing the van using cad cut colored vinyl which was more time consuming than if Id have been able to just print and cut the design.  I have had this issue in the past when printing heat transfers if I rotate them to try and minimize waste.  The logo has a fair amount of lettering and I do know that every so many feet the cut line can migrate some so I'm not quite certain if this is the norm and I'm attempting something outside of the ability of my machine or if perhaps I'm missing something and could rectify this in the future.  I'm attaching a picture of the design so you can see what I was trying to  accomplish.  Any thoughts/input are appreciated.


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Steve you might have bumped upside of the 8 linear feet accuracy limit.

The picture posted is there a white border around everything?

Is that the design above in it's horizontal form and you are cutting that vertically?

When it is off - at which point random or more towards the end of the cutting?

Which VW are you using original or dual? (don't remember)


  Image does have a white border and the picture as shown  is how it looks when printed horizontally, at 24" wide by 16.5 it cut perfectly, when rotated 90 degrees the size was 38 x 26" and that' when the lines went way off .  The end was certainly where it was off the most but it was off in other areas as well which is what made me wonder if it was some operator error.  As for VW I think its original it just says version 5.2.2  i have had similar issues when doing heat transfers if I took a design that would fit two across horizontally and print and cut two rows ( 4 transfers)  they cut fine, but if I take the same design and rotate it vertically to get three across the lines usually go off.

Since you have an i version, you can get a dual version. You can call Stahl's and have them remote in and give you the newer version of VW. That may help you. I am looking to see if I have any notes on your issue, but have found nothing yet. Ensure your version of VW is running as an administrator.

I have had a similar issue on my SP540-V and found the end pinch roller bodies had cracks in them, worth looking at. I replaced them and a world of difference afterwards.


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