Hi guys

There are so many quality options inside versaworks and so many boxs to tick when saving images to print in AI and PS i dont have a clue what to save as

When designing in PS or AI what do you save as RGB ? CMYK ? what boxes to click when saving ?

Alot of prints have been coming out well for the stickers i have been doing on Poli Tape gloss but today iv been doing yellow and there is alot of black in it and it doesnt look good at all. Also done a little pen tag for examples and there seems to be like a green in it when its supposed to be pure yellow with black text.

What colours do you use in your design software ? do you use these Roland swatches ? the only Roland one i use is the cut contour really altho i tried the yellow today and it didnt come out that well, also tried half tones, pre Europe, couple of different profiles. 

So many different ways to try and get a better print it is really confusing and wastes ink,media and time :S

Can anyone else tell me there set up ? Im mainly in AI, and have been doing gloss stickers, vectors and then vectors with photos in the designs.



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Heres an image attached from my phone.


No time to go into details but this is what I use

Roland Color Palette; RGB; or Pantone Colors - never CMYK

Vector - Max Impact

In the Color Management area - click properties

In Properties - check Preserve Primary Colors - VW is making u a yellow so it turns greenish - PPC tells it not to make colors that come in the ink cartridges

IF you do not have the profile for that media then try GCVP - profiles AFFECT colors

Hey Irving

I dont have that profile and cant download any profiles from Roland Europe due to having old Sol max inks.

Also it seems my bn-20 is set up to print CMYK i cant find where to change it to RGB. Image attached of my profiles and my generic vinyl profile which may be similar to the one you mentioned.


All roland printers are CMYK, but that is printing not designing - design in the palettes I gave you any one of those are better than CMYK - the RIP (VW) converts the file to CMYK to match your ink types and that gamut is larger than the traditional CMYK. As for profile - you can check for an update to your VW - here in the USA with your serial number you can access roland and download more profiles. You can try and get profiles from media manufacter - but profiles play a part in color rendition.

So in AI or PS i dont set my document up as CMYK ? i set it up as RGB and then use any colours i want and save as RGB and not CMYK ? then when i go to print i try and get the right profile and make sure i click Preserve Primary Colors, is this all good so far ?

I have heard back from the guys i bought the media from and they sent me the profiles but again i can not load them because i have these old dodgy inks which no profiles work with only the defaults. I have tried to sign up to the USA Roland site but it does not accept my serial number.

Your top part is correct

Design in RGB in either AI or PS - Save as still in RGB since you do not have the exact profile - print small versions of what you need and try the other profiles - one of them may be better than the generic vinyl 1 - I do not like that one and that is the only one you cannot remove. Where you got the media from should have sent you a RML file - in VW go to the media tab and try to load it through there. Read the help file if you have issues, also WWW.stahlstv.com is a good resource and there might be a video in the download section here. I keep forgetting!

Yea they sent me a RML file but it doesnt work with these old inks, i have never successfully uploaded a RML file because i have old Sol inks and there are no old RML files on the Roland Europe website.

The supplier of the Poli media asked for a picture of my inks so im sure il hear from them tomorrow morning again hopefully.

I was printing fine on this media when i had to print shapes and or a background image onto the stickers but now a guy is looking a yellow background and black text with a vector and for some reason out of the blue iv gotten big problems with the quality.

I must have tried x30 different combos.

Seems that starting or changing to a CMYK file in AI and using any colours then saving CMYK is coming out the best. Saving RGB comes out horrible so im not sure whats up.

One last thing, the supplier of the media said that this media is based on the generic vinyl profile so i can use that which i have been doing, il do some more tests tomorrow morning first thing.

Does anyone have more input or advice ? maybe similar problems etc ? 

Anymore ideas or things to try Irving ?

Thanks for the help

What is your ink setup ? CMYKM / CMYKW / CMYKMt

Well i have 2 magento so i take it is CMYKM ?

These should be BN20 profiles for your printer - let me know if they work

Files were too large, check the email you signed-up with - You will see all the BN20 profiles I have for the CMYKM machine - test one if that works we can go from there - if not I will have to check further

My email address starts with blue

Hi Irving

The company sent me profiles for their media in CMYKM and i can upload those no problem but its the same thing.

Comes out poor when doing anything in RGB, it brings alot of black in the yellow circles.

I have to do everything in CMYK which i think is going to be alot of problems, takes an age to find good colours.

RGB brings alot of black in the yellow circles.


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