Hi guys

There are so many quality options inside versaworks and so many boxs to tick when saving images to print in AI and PS i dont have a clue what to save as

When designing in PS or AI what do you save as RGB ? CMYK ? what boxes to click when saving ?

Alot of prints have been coming out well for the stickers i have been doing on Poli Tape gloss but today iv been doing yellow and there is alot of black in it and it doesnt look good at all. Also done a little pen tag for examples and there seems to be like a green in it when its supposed to be pure yellow with black text.

What colours do you use in your design software ? do you use these Roland swatches ? the only Roland one i use is the cut contour really altho i tried the yellow today and it didnt come out that well, also tried half tones, pre Europe, couple of different profiles. 

So many different ways to try and get a better print it is really confusing and wastes ink,media and time :S

Can anyone else tell me there set up ? Im mainly in AI, and have been doing gloss stickers, vectors and then vectors with photos in the designs.



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Did you ever send me a picture of your nozzle test, if not do that - may be one other issue. 

How old is the machine, how old is the captop

Let me know if you at least see the email I sent from my dropbox

in your CMYK yellow - is it - 0,0,255,0

It was only bought late January and i had to set it up myself.

Im printing stickers now on transparent poli tape and they are coming out well. Yea i just saw your email now is there a file to download or is it to big the file as il have to sign up for dropbox.

Where do you want me to check this CMYK yellow ?

The yellow comes out good when i do CMYK files, if i do any RGB then no yellow works, pantones coated uncoated all different types, cmyk normal, rgb yellow nothing.

I could not send the files in MyVersacamm since they are over 5MBs the only way was through DB. If you do not need them then just leave them there. As for the yellow, you should be able to click on your yellow in AI and it gives you the color mix. If you just got the machine, then the top should be fine. 

My tests yesterday was that any yellow i picked when in a CMYK AI file seemed to work and any yellow in a RGB file didnt seem to work.

I done a PDF with all the marks on it and the sides didnt come out well, the coloured boxs to each side there is to much black and it goes into the other colours il upload a picture when i can as the printer is on now doing some stickers.

Maybe there is to much black coming out or something ? Heres a pic of the pdf small print from my phone other pic you can see left CMYK is good and the ones to the right RGB are not as there lots of black in them


Without seeing a nozzle test or knowing the cmyk mix of your file - it will be hard to tell without printing myself. I am about to travel so I will have to check back with you later in my afternoon. Your evening.

I done a test print in WV and then printed nozzle pictures attached, just 2 little lines missing in magento. Where do i get the information of CMYK mix ?

I done this on paper and not the Poli gloss just in case you wanted me to do it in the Poli gloss where the problem seems to be.



That is the same nozzle - the machine prints same pattern in 2 halves.

YOu have no black crossing into yellow, so I can say your issue is with the yellow you choosing, profile, or color management

You can print a color chart and select the color you want and see the cmyk mix in VW

An absolute nightmare this BN-20 is.

it would take that an hour to print out the colour chart, joke of a machine ! 

Cant even print out a clear coloured circle ! 

AI - File RGB - RGB colours - save as eps click all 400 boxs, load into WV poor quality

same as above CMYK colour pantones or CMYK and nothing coming out well 

AI - File CMYK - Pantones CMYK colours -save as eps - poor quality

Need a degree to understand this BS i mean why can you not open AI create a circle with a colour in it and print it ? why the hell is it so hard ? i think there is 100,000 different ways to save a file/options between AI and VW ! 


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