Hi - My name is Adam and I run a small business in the UK, making model train vinyl sides using a Roland VS-300 Print&Cut. Website Here

In order to maintain see-through windows, the prints are printed on Metamark MD5 clear vinyl, with a white layer, followed by a colour layer and cut.

In order to give the best drying time between layers, I lay down a two-pass white layer at a reduced speed, wait ten minutes for drying and then resubmit the job as a colour layer. This has worked pretty well so far.

Generally, I batch print my orders and do a nested job of two or three different items, some with differing colour preferences.

Sometimes, certain jobs will come off with the colour layer offset from the white layer by about 2mm. These will sometimes be individual files amongst several perfectly printed files, so I do not believe this is due to the alignment of the vinyl.

Has anyone had similar issues and is this fixable? I'd be really grateful for any guidance, as I've only been printing since August.

Best Regards

Adam Warr

Peterborough UK

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The file that is printing off, try printing that by itself and see if it is correct or something in the file. 

If it does print ok by itself, then continue to do it that way and the others together.

Sometimes changing specs of a file in a nest affect other files. It helps to put apples with apples. The later models and VW6x which cannot run on the VS has a way to correct that.

Hi Irving

Many thanks for your reply. I was wondering if the colour preferences were perhaps causing issues. One of the joys of being stuck on VS5, I guess.


Correct - I operate in both the VW5X and VW6X arena and the major differences started when they introduced the printers with the i in their name. Not bad at first, but then came VW Dual and now VW6 and life is way different on the other side. Try doing the file separate and let me know if it is the same issue, if yes - I will think harder.

I have reprinted he offending file on its own with no trouble, so then went on to print a selection of files using the same colour settings. These have also come out fine.


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