Aloha from Hawaii, We have a VS540i and am experiencing color shift to over saturation of magenta. We are having to adjust color in versaworks by using color management and unchecking Use embedded ICC profile and checking Preserve Primary colors. Then color adjust cyan to +5 and Magenta to -4:-(

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You say all of that to say what, though. What is the question? You did not state your configuration of ink or post any pictures, so let me take a stab.

You have not changed your captop

You have high humidity so the magenta is clogging

you should be adjusting colors in your design program not VW

you using the wrong profile

Those are just the starting points

I'm having this issue as well...

I have a VP-540. It's always printed a little heavy on the magenta which I either change in the actual file or lower the magenta in VW (depending how much time I have). Lately, my B&W prints or CMYK prints on the grayscale side are printing with even more magenta ink.

I live in L.A., our humidity is a reasonable level.

I have changed the captop of the magenta and cyan recently - they were the worst. (I need to purchase more captops to get the black, even though, the printhead test print looks ok.)

The Prepress or Sign & Display profile are the only ones used in VW. I also tend to stay in Standard or High Speed modes.

I also performed a pump up, the waste ink was on the magenta side.

Besides a new captop, what else?


Folks please please please - if you are requesting help  the most important photo is one of your nozzle test. I can tell 50 percent of your issue from that one photo alone. Please do not take it at an angle for the photo will look like the nozzles are half firing. 

@Nikki why a pump up - you did not like the ink you had in the machine? You have serious top issues. So I would replace all the remaining tops. Tops are rated for 6 months. You know those were there for a few years. In addition, you may not be up on your manual maintenance and your heads may be aging out. They are rated for 6bil shots, but age can work against a head even if not used. Also a point of failure are the dampers. 

As for profiles:

Raster and raster and vector - use Prepress US

Vector only  Max Impact

Color Charts - Density Control in the Queue setup before running the file

In Color management - hit the drop down - select preserve primary colors

Use the roland color chart if you do not want your grays to be magenta or green - ish

Take one of those Stahls bootcamp class at a location near you to really learn your machine - you might even run into me.

Sorry had step out and do a vehicle wrap this week end. Thank you for replying irving, this is our config CMYKLCLMWHMT

VS-540i new purchase 2014 nozzle check has been getting worse 2 weeks ago was perfect as you can see its gotten bad.

We noticed this about 8 months ago.Roland had us replace 4 dampners and cap top which has not improved. we  are in the tropics room humidity averages 56-75% normally room has air conditioning should it be left on 24/7. Having to readjust color in program to match client approvals. We are still having to adjust output to match approved copy. We have tried numerous profiles with no real change. Many of the project are repeat and still in versaworks.


Ok on the next flight  just joking - for now. 

Believe it or not you lost two channels - which I do not know is recoverable. You have a smudge going across LC and MT and I cannot tell if your white is printing. I never tell anyone to do powerful cleanings, but I will tell you to do 3 and if there is no change you need a head. Your other channels are fine and you should get good prints unless you do white and or metallic. Dampers will not help you if that is what you are getting. If you are missing a whole channel - then yes. 

So if this was my machine, knowing what I know - I would do the following:

-Ensure no air is in the lines  Pull with a syringe

-Replace captop  tie off lines - fill with roland cleaning fluid and soak for a weekend (2days), open lines 2 PF cleanings - no change head - change =progress

-There are other options, but then you need a tech to perform

Once you have WH or MT then you are bound to get what you have - when you WH and MT you will get it sooner than later - every week you needed to be adding cleaning solvent to your top and changing every 6 months

I am positive if you printed a roland color chart properly, and had your customers or you choose from that - your color issues would go away. You would hit those colors all day, everyday - unless you had clogged nozzles issues. How can I help further?

Glad to hear you would come and help. but, for now can you detail procedures to 1) Pull air with syringe, does this require applying choke on ink lines like when I changed dampers then syringe from the bottom of damper itself. I have a service manual and because machines out of warranty I'll attempt repairs. Have some experience working with techs because we're so remote like on the edge of the earth. 2) Cap top is new replaced last week. Tie off line i'm guessing is referring to drain lines on the bottom of the cap top? Thanks in advance every ones help is appreciated

I cannot walk you through service level repairs on this forum. However, if you do have the service manual and know how to get into service mode Forget the syringe  look for a procedure called choke cleaning! The rest you have a clear understanding

Thanks for your assistance. We will give it a try sounds promising, think we are on the right track now. I will contact you in a couple of days with pics and results. Thanks so much.

Hi Irving, 

We did follow your suggestion, no change looks like a head change is required. Any idea of head model DX6 or DX7 specs look similar. We are using CL Cart in the WH & MT channels. Is this ok? Any specifics I need to know when replacing the head? I've seen videos, but they don't seem complete. Don't want to miss any steps. Model VS-540i ink config is CMYKLCLMWHTMT our machine is one of the early models 2014, first in Hawaii.

Sincerely, Richard


CAnnot be done without a manual  You will need to key in the ranking and clear old numbers. Also since you are there, replace the dampers.

I have service manual, should i be ordering a dx6 printhead. The dampers are new should they be all be replaced cause of clogged nozzles check sent earlier, or just the clogged dampers? Many thanks for your guidance.

IF dampers are new,then fine. You do not want to mess with the head more than necessary, that is why when you are already in the area you change everything. As for which head, The part number you are looking for is 6701409010 


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