so I bought a used Roland VS-540 and I’m running into a problem with complete yellow dropout through the test print and have been tying to fix it.

For starters I’ve replaced dampeners, put in proprietary ink, replaced cap top, felt & rubber scrapers, cleaned encoding strip, performed chock cleanings, head soaks, performed inkfill procedures, even removed and cleaned behind the printhead.

After cleaning behind the printhead I got yellow back, however, black and light cyan went away. I performed a chock cleaning and lost yellow again but got back my light cyan and black. Yellow was also printing as grey for a couple test prints before dropping out all together again. 

Firmware is completely updated as well.

I’m positing the test prints to show the level of inconsistency I’m getting with them. Also, when I’ve done overnight head soaks I have gotten perfect test prints but then as the day goes on yellow begins to drop out again. Any help,without be predicated, thanks!

From topic bottom are the sequence of test prints as they came out. The first is after cleaning behind the print head, the next one is after some cleanings, then the last if asfter the last chock cleaning.

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Alright so I fixed it! Turns out someone replaced a cartridge holder and when reattaching it to the yellow ink tube, tightened it too tight causing it to choke the line. After shortening the line with a pair of clippers I reattached it and now have all yellow back! It was creating suction back to the point of the knot, which is why my yellow was printing grey, why it was only printing in the mornings after it had time to pool by the head, why it did everything in its power to bury me. Little did it know I was just a seed. If anyone ever has this problem I hope that this post helped!


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