Does anyone know what the problem is for getting a darker print color then lighter on the same run or any? It happens when the machine is powered up, starting with a dark color and  getting lighter.

I've been using the same file for a long time until just now the problem started. I did re-RIP the file again. 

I always do an ENT MATCH once powered up.  

Any suggestions?

Many thanks

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You start with a full damper and your damper is not refilling so the prints are getting lighter. So why - things to check




clog line

Many thanks Irving for your response.

Sounds very feasible.

I assume it would be better to replace both the damper and captop? Whilst at it I can de-clog the line.

How can I de-clog the line, using a syringe or is there a better way. The line you mentioned I believe it

is the line running from the ink cartridge to the head?

The motor seems to be the last option, which motor is it and its location?

Earlier I could  not join the discussion was because of the image I was uploading. The image is a JPG file


Many thanks again.


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