Hello everyone. Mye Versacamm sp-300i (purchased used) have been working quite Nice, but yesterday the print came out as on the Picture. Its not been long since the last Perfect print, and the machine has been cutting all week, also With Perfect results.

I`ve tryed running cleaning program, but nothing changes. I guess its some callibration problem, anyone here that have experienced this and got a solution for me? Happy for any ideas to get it back on track.

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Need to see a nozzle test

Need to know the humidity

Need to know where you are located

Need to see the bidirectional test - detail

My money is on humidity

Thanx, i`ll check it out and come back. Been very hot for some days, and windows/doors open, so humidity sound like a factor. We are located in a shop in Røros, Norway - where the warm usually is no problem :D

Here are the two test prints.



With that type of nozzle test it will be hard to get a good print - two many missing nozzles

See the ghosting - that is usually static - never been to norway, so is it dry - I think it is or at least by your machine

You need to get a water bottle and put some moisture into the air. 

Raise the humidity and print something in uni-direction

Allright, i`ll try it. The versamcamm been in the same room since we got it, and it printed nice the first weeks. Quite dry enviroment up here (625 meters above sea level). The last week its been up to 26 degrees, quite warm for Røros, so that may be it. Thanx for so long :)

Bjorn I laugh at when people say they have been doing things the same way for years and then all of a sudden. Not laughing at you though! Understand you have not had the same temperature or weather conditions. When you have pretty crazy colors, that is usually caused by humidity and the temperature being too dry. There is an environmental setting that can help if you turn your machine off and it resets, but dry air is dry air. If it is continuous then you can had a humidifier, if temporary then you can just spray around the machine with water. You can even put a plant near the machine and keep that moist. The machine will suck the moisture from there. If it works just report back so that others in the future can try, or just call me crazy.

Almost forgot: it worked, after som days of moistening the room. Now theres cold, rainy og soon snowing for the next 8 months anyway, så I hope the problem Is solved. Thanx.

Thanks Bjorn for updating the post (many do not) to help others. My first encounter with that also had me in disbelief. If it is an occurrence that happens often, they do sell kits to span across the media to demagnetize it prior to printing.  Spraying the area and slamming the core to the ground is also known to work. You never know when it first happens, always wishing it could be repeated, but never a way to get the groovy effects.


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