Hi everyone.  

I just started having this issue with my VS640.  CMYK lines appear about 30" out and run the length of the print.  The overall print is really good, except for about 30" out where these lines appear.

Any ideas on what could cause this?

Thanks in advance.  Pics are below.

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OK, good news I figured it out.  I shut down the main power for about 30 seconds and restarted it.  Did a test print using the same art file and those lines disappeared.

Hopefully, this is helpful for someone.



OK, so we thought we had it fixed, but about 8" in on the next file, the lines started again.  Any ideas on this?  Thanks.

What size is the file

What is the OS

How much hard drive space available

How much RAM

Did you shut down the computer, also

Hi Irving.

The size of files are varying on this project from 750 MB to 920 MB.

The OS is windows 10 and have 441GB free of 908GB

I have 8 GB of RAM

I actually did not shut it down.  I will do that and try again and test it out.  

I'll report back.


I have found this issue appears if there is a data load issue. Easy to test by reducing the file size by half or 75% and then using VWs to bring it up to the size you need. You only need 72dpi to get a good print. The data exchange hiccups shows as you see or black lines.

I thought about that too, but the other file I was running just now is only 149KB and It's still doing it.  If I run the large file and the small file off another computer, there's no problem.   

The computer that is giving me a problem now, was working fine up until 3 weeks ago or so.  Not sure why all of a sudden the problem.  

I've been thinking, though.  We did have a problem with the battery charging and had to do a fix on it.  Seems to have started just after fixing the charging issue.  I wonder if it's related.

Still data related and VWs is not getting the data as expected. So it is losing power or over power, but the lines are interference. 

Are you using the same cable for both machines - if not - cabling, port, etc with a loose connection is the same thing.

Yes, same cable for both computers.   I'll check the port on the problem computer and see if there is something in there that needs to be adjusted.  

OK, so I traced it back to the computer.  To save some time, I reran one of the files on another computer. It printed perfectly with no problems.

The issue,now, must be with the computer.  I'll mess with it over the next day and see if I can rectify the problem.


Typically the ribbon cables need replaced on the VS machines when this issue pops up

Hi Todd:

Are those just the two ribbons that go to the head?


I tested the computer again with another file and also using different profiles.  The computer still is giving me these lines, but using another computer the print is perfect with no lines.  I'll try to run the computer without the battery.  This all seems to have started after I had to fix the battery charging issue with the computer.


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