CHE-2800 Hix press leaving marks on polyester & poly blend materials.

 We are knew to the game and have had problems with leaving platen marks on the polyester garments. I know it is hard to eliminate them completely but I was looking for any tricks that would lessen these marks. We are using a Hix CHE-2800 air pressure heat press and I would appreciate any input.

Thanks, Clarence

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what kind of material are you using, I started using solar print from IW the spec for heat is 210 for 20 seconds, a whole lot less than most vinyls. I just made some bags a few weeks ago with it and they looked great, it's expensive though(of course) and used it for coolies had problems with them bubbling at 300+ degrees they turned out good also? just a suggestion. 

We were told that Solar Print is not intended for materials that will be laundered.

Heat makes it worse, but maybe a larger platen won't make it so noticeable, make sure your settings for the vinyl your using are correct and remember that's just a guide some time you have to make small adjustments as in heat setting or press time.

Be careful you don't want the design to start pealing off in a few months either. 

Nothing is easy, just don't forget to pay your taxes!!!

use a teflon pillow under the decal , ease up on the pressure a bit

For poly shirts we cut the carrier sheet as close to the logo as we can with scissors then cover everything with a Pellon sheet ( a Pellon sheet is a square piece of material they use for test printing in the Screenprinting world) press with this covering it and it will help your problem..

Stahls sells a teflon material (not the pillow) that you can cut to the size of your platen. Lay your shirt down on the heat press, position your decal, then lay this teflon on TOP of everything and press like normal. You might have to increase temp or pressure a small bit. I use this on 100% poly tablecovers, golf shirts, etc. and the teflon prevents that 'box'. Also, get a 'heat eraser'...which is nothing more than a chalkboard eraser at twice the price. You rub hard with this on top of the teflon after sealing the decal-it helps spread out the heat faster and also if there are any 'corners' that try to lift up-it sets them down.

I've been doing decals of all types on shirts for over 30 years...even my press is older than that-it takes 2 people to move it! But it still works...

The biggest issue people which people experience is that they find the settings recommended by the suppliers of the media and heat press are not working or have too much heat + Pressure. Don't be afraid to experiment with your materials! Most settings set out by the suppliers of materials are generally too high and are there as a guideline. When uploading a new setting into the heat press, don't forget to factor in what needs to be achieved. For example, if you're heat pressing cad-cut vinyl onto 100%polyester t-shirt then all you need is just enough heat and very little pressure to just melt the adhesive on the vinyl so that it attaches to the garment. Make sure that the media which you're applying to is peeled cold not hot. marks around the area which has been heat press means that there was too much pressure applied to the garment during heat press.


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