Does anyone know of a place to have a custom carved sign made?

It's not what I want to get too involved with but this could open the door for what I can offer in signage. This is a historical area and it would fit in well with the neighboring  businesses. 

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SignCraft magazine has many ads for sign carvers, both cadcam and hand carving. Try them first on-line ( and if you can't access the ads there, get them to send you a magazine or join up for a subscription. It's helped me many times before I got the Versacamm!

I agree with Roland; the Signcraft subscription is well worth the money.

Thanks all,

I checked out Signcraft and it looks good lots of info, I think I'll subscribe.

Thanks for the tip.

We can hand carve or we have a cnc router. Cost is determined on how complex and detailed the job is. Let us know if we can be of assistance.

Thank you, I'm waiting for my customer to respond, I may contact you depending on which way he wants to go.



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