I've seen places online that can print on both sides of banner material and wondered if there were a material for the Versacamm or even if it can do the printing on both sides.

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I've done it a couple times with the basic 13 oz. exterior canvas...the first time just because the installation tech said it could be done...and he was right! Only had a few banners I've done it on, because the 'stock' material isn't smooth both sides. But for banners it was fine-no loss of detail, just a texture that showed up. I was worried about the heated platen pulling ink off the banner from the first side printed and it didn't happen.
You do have to figure a mark on the banner edge to line up with the 'strip' under the pinch wheels so you have a reference point for both images to line up but don't cross your fingers for dead perfect line up on each side!
Make sure you check on the banner vinyl that you'll be using. Some are two side printable, some are not. Our new Premium 13oz banner vinyl is two side printable.


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