I cleaned it then did a powerful clean on it. Im seeing banding in the prints. Any chance someone can help? Thank you!!!

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The deflected nozzles cannot be recovered. You can recover blocked nozzles but deflecting cannot be straighten. YoI u can try a headsoak for a weekend to see if it moves some of the nozzles back - as in unclogging.

I seen it too many times on the SP not to think it is not normal, with them!

Dang it. Is it something that we could be doing wrong on our end? 

I've never done a headsoak? Is that something I can look up in the book or find online?

We are really thinking about getting a new one. I think ours is a 2014. We already replaced the head last year. We want to go a 54". Our Supplier no longer carries Roland?? Don't know why =/

Thanks for the heads up

I seen it with that machine and that head too many times to say it is user induced. Roland is pushing the Tru-Vis machines where they returned to the SP/VP model of individual heads. Except the machines are super fast, very heavy, my vibrant ink and probably around the same price you would have paid for your machine brand new, but cheaper than the VS series.

Google headsoaks or check in here I previously posted oh how to do it correctly. Most wont because you are burning a captop, but the only way to get 100% solution to soak the head without diluting it with old captop ink.


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