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  For the past few years I have been using 3.5 mil Durasol from Imprintables for my printed decals, I was recently informed that Imprintables are going to stop carrying any of the printable sign vinyls so I'm looking for recommendations for a comparable vinyl in 3.5 and possibly 6 mil thickness.  I have tried I believe it was Vector brand vinyl from Beacon Graphics and was not at all satisfied with that.  Any input is appreciated.  Thanks


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We use oracal 3165ra with good results.

We too use the Oracal 3165 GRA, we are happy with our results.

Stahls should be picking up the entire Imprintables line - one stop shopping the ones mentioned are good choices (both the same) also

Any idea when Stahls will start picking up the Imprintables line? I need to order calendared vinyl with air release.

Does this mean Imprintables will cease to exist as Imprintables or will the two companies join forces and work together under a single banner -  like the North Koreans and South Koreans did at the Olympics?

P.S. Irv -  Will we see you at the ISS Atlantic City?

P.S.S. Continuing with Olympics analogy (and curling to be more specific), I believe that Imprintables would benefit from a stronger skip.

LOL - intend on being there

ON IW lets throw the admin under the bus, I am sworn to secrecy - I am tired of getting in trouble for spilling the beans - my pay level is extremely low.



crickets from my end for now. Sorry guys. Soon I will update. 

Will you be attending the ISS Atlantic City this year?

unfortunately I will not. I have school that weekend and cannot get away. Hopefully next year!


LOL - OK I will let u know when I am coming out to MI - hate competing with school - lol

Only a year left of it!


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