i'm looking for a printable calendared vinyl recommendation that will allow printing to the edge with no border that will not curl.  I had been using Durasol from imprintables for years with no issues, currently that isn't available and Stahls hasn't picked it up yet.  I tried the Arlon vinyl that Imprintables carried and that has been curling when I print with no boundary, I have a customer that I frequently do decals for and they  do not want a white border around their image so I need to find an alternative until Stahls starts carrying the printable decal vinyl.  Any suggestions are appreciated!


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you can order the Durasol from Stahls. It is not on the website yet but they are doing handwritten orders. Call customer service and they will assist you 

  • Toll Free 800.478.2457

Sorry for the late response to your reply, only just saw the message!  I had actually spoken to Stahls the day I made the original post and the customer service rep I spoke with there had zero knowledge of the product and told me it wasn't being carried at this time!  I just saw Irv's post about it hitting the website the week of July 2nd so it sounds like I'll be good to go.  Thanks for the reply Steven!



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