Yesterday I get the flushing adjustment made......everything cleaned again and print about 60 foot of vinyl without a glitch. Change to a fresh roll of vinyl to print the last 20 ft for this job and put a babysitter in charge of keeping an eye on the printer. I come back to the shop to find magenta lines across 90% of the print(apparently the sitter paid no attention to the head strikes being made down 19 ft of the vinyl).

I reset everything and start printing again....same pink cast and lines. During this print attempt I heard the manifold bust but had no clue what it was.

Oddly enough nozzle check on the magenta was spot on.

Get to the shop this morning  and go to get head cleaned and find this hanging out the back(see pic). As I pull the plastic piece the little gold piece tags along.

This is my first busted manifold......can the head strike cause this? The other 3 seem to be intact.

TIA, Sam

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It was a violent head strike, it could be caused by strike on an old head. The pink cast was an indicator you were taking on air. usually though you lose the nipple when changing out a damper.

Thanks for the's def an old head(original to the machine!)  Oh well expensive lesson learned..........babysit the prints myself.

From the looks of the strikes on the vinyl he had to be deaf or totally not paying attention. I went ahead and ordered a new printhead just in case the magenta got damaged. Hopefully be back up and running tomm.

7+ years with only captops, wipers, and blades being changed guess I can't complain. It has printed a boatload of stuff!

No complaints in that case, but you might as well change out the expendables and see a whole new printer. In defense to the sitters' of the world - some headstrikes are unavoidable and everyone has them. Go Sitters!


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