Anyone use the Arlon dpf 8000 for cinder block application?  I normally laminate pretty much everything that leaves my office - but is lamination required using this media? 

I have a request to do locker room graphics on painted cinder block walls.  Not sure if this stuff adheres enough to take paint off upon removal?  Want to give customer as much information as I can.

In addition - anyone have any links to application tools they use when applying to brick (aside a heat gun).  Rollers, etc.?

Thanks in advance!  

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In our Stahls training class we have used this media on cinder block with great results. No lamination, but a foam roller and heat gun. Starting with a clean surface was important and the gun eased the media going into grooves. Not much heat was needed, if planning to leave for a while you may want to consider lamination and testing and practice before installation is recommended. 8K sticks to any and everything.

good video demonstrating the media and application

A laminate makes the Arlon 8000 easier to handle and work with, especially if you are going to be applying large graphics.

We printed a large graphic on Arlon 8000, applied a laminate, and installed it on a textured rubbery surface at an indoor basketball facility. It received heavy traffic and there was no problem with adhesion.



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