Bordeaux Ink & clogged lines below capping station to pump. Roland vp 540

I have been told many times that using aftermarket inks like the Bordeaux can only cause problems and clogs in the machine.  I have used Bordeaux inks for the past 3 years with little problems till now!  I am not sure if I was just lucky or Bordeaux recently changed their formula in the past year?

I have been replacing my caps many times to get my printer working propperly.  usually 2 sets a month.  So often that I started using cheap china caps with clear lines.  I finally noticed (with the clear lines) that the inks starts to dry up in the line and clogs up the line to the point a syringe will not pull ink through.  I replace the line with different kinds, including the original Roland Black lines and they all seem to clog.

Main Problem: Doing a print test will not get me all colors printing correctly.  Once I change the lines (new) it is good.

So here are my questions:

1. Will going back to Roland inks, Roland Caps / Lines fix my issue or is something else going on here?

2. I have never used my cleaning cartridges or done a cleaning flush before, should I try to do it? (I've own the machine since new for about 10 years)

3. Is there a suggested place to purchase Caps & Inks?  The place I get it from is Los Angeles area and is fairly expensive.



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