Any suggestions, tips or tricks on boat decals-material-lamination yes or no-versacamm settings

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Always laminate on these! I would recommend setting it up to have an edge of laminate that extends past the edge of the graphic to help in keeping it sealed.

so print cut weed laminate then cut again outside the graphic?

yes - I set up the graphic with 2 cutlines contoured out from the edge of the graphic. Print and cut and then remove the ring from around the graphic. Laminate and then send back to the printer with it just cutting the furthest one outside.
If I understand correctly, you still need crop marks to line up the vinyl that was cut, weeded, and laminated so that you can make the last cut.  Yes?
I have used Oracal Orajet 3951 cast with Oraguard 290 laminate. It is warranted for marine applications. You can download the profile from the Oracal site. You can also read the info on how to apply the vinyl on boats.
Arlon 6000, 8000 and 9000 are all warranted for marine applications also.
Steve does Imprintables have the 32" cold Royal Sovereign like Diane bought?
Yes we do. It runs $3023 right now.


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