Hi all any help will be appreciated
I've had my bn20 from brand new for around 16 months all works perfect apart from issues with white, I have to do a few cleans and the white comes through and all's fine but I recently tried printing white and as usual it printed out very poor then nothing at all, tried the usual shake cart and clean after clean and nothing !
So I read took some advice and changed the cap top witch did not solve the problem and today I noticed the cap top was leaking ink onto my desk over Night it seams to be coming from the left side of cp possibly because it's a cheap copy I did a test print and there was a missing channel of cyan
I have ordered a genuine roland one so thinking while I wait for delivery I will put the old cap top back in since I never had a problem with it and no more leaking ink bit after way too many to mention cleans and test prints I still have no cyan
Any help would be appreciated

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Thanks for the reply irving
I was told to flush it through the roland utility like the way you put in the dummy cartridges and flush each one as it won't let you do just the one
I have a gut feeling it is blocked above the head poss the dampers but I can't find any vids on the bn20 so looks like it will be a engineer
First thing I will try when the parts come later today is the new cap top
Fingers crossed

Go through the procedure, but it will not help. The reason why I say that is that it is a uni captop and it cannot affect one channel totally. If top was failing, it would be across multiple channels (columns). The flushing might help move the air, if that, but you are pushing 4 channels to get to the fifth. All the best, document your steps so that you can be helped later if possible. Again, first step would be to check for air in the lines, the next would be to replace the damper.

Thanks irving. How do I check for air in the lines ? Visually the lines look full and no air bubbles.

That is the first step, the visual looking to see ink going into the dampers

Next, use a syringe from the pharmacy and pull from under the top until you get movement in all the lines

If neither of those work, then you have to think a failed damper

Thanks for the advice
Soon as I put the new cap station on it all worked and even the white has come back. Massive load off my mind
So there is no need to flush after all
One thing to mention the copy cap station had caused the problem as it never quite covered the head over night hence the leaking ink.
The relief

Great to hear, a bad cap does not target one channel, but it not seating correctly can cause it not to get the proper suction. Glad you are back up, Happy CAMMing!

Thanks bud


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