Hi all any help will be appreciated
I've had my bn20 from brand new for around 16 months all works perfect apart from issues with white, I have to do a few cleans and the white comes through and all's fine but I recently tried printing white and as usual it printed out very poor then nothing at all, tried the usual shake cart and clean after clean and nothing !
So I read took some advice and changed the cap top witch did not solve the problem and today I noticed the cap top was leaking ink onto my desk over Night it seams to be coming from the left side of cp possibly because it's a cheap copy I did a test print and there was a missing channel of cyan
I have ordered a genuine roland one so thinking while I wait for delivery I will put the old cap top back in since I never had a problem with it and no more leaking ink bit after way too many to mention cleans and test prints I still have no cyan
Any help would be appreciated

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Thanks for any help

on your captop - you have 3 nipples - 2 for the hoses what was on your third one

Hi third one has rubber cap over it

Excellent - so check your hoses. If you have a blockage (usually T connector) it will blow a hose off and leak ink into the machine. Also good to check the connector as magenta is a known clogger in certain environments. At times you have to snip the hoses to ensure good suction. If you are not getting a color usually air or damper.

I have been advised by my supplier who has spoken to roland that I should flush out all the ink I have ordered the blanks and cleaning cartridge . If that does not work it's possible the dampers or the print head. I just can't understand how it could be the print head? I have never had strikes or any other problems. Just wish I had of left the white ink alone and just carried on CMYK

Well I could not disagree more, maybe I could. You have perfect nozzles in all but one channel and they say flush the whole system. With the BN20 you have a user level flush that you do not have with the larger machines, so that a good thing because you only need one cleaning cartridge and it will run through all the inks. The tech level and the larger machines need one cart for each channel. 

As for white, you do not need it if you are not using it, you can replace white with a cleaning cartridge.

You can also print just that channel and not waste ink on the other colors. No ink, no closed system, air from somewhere, somehow - you a syringe, clamp one hose and pull from the other, if two channels move and not the one you want, then switch lines.

Wow she's back . I've changed the cap top and boom the cyan is flowing and to top it off the white has returned . Thanks for all your help
I am one happy guy right now
So my summery is that the original cap top was 16 months old and clogged too much to draw the white but ok for the other CMYK. The copy cap top caused the blockage and putting the old cap top back on was not good enough to pull the blockage through
Moral of the story is simply just buy the original parts
Thanks Irvine are you say I can use just one channel of cyan? I'm brand new to faults sorry since I have been at it it's been head down designing and keeping the machine clean
If there is air in the line do you think flushing out the line will draw it out? 8 have delivery tomorrow for the flushing foams and fluid

So how were you told to flush it? U cannot properly use the machine with the channel missing, for if it needed it and it is not there you will have banding. With that said, if a complete channel is missing, you first check for air - larger machines you can choke clean, not on the BN, so you need a syringe to pull the air out. If that does not work, or does not hold, then you need to look at the damper. However, if the cyan is missing, then you can in your graphic program make 100% cyan blocks and run that file until the ink comes to the head, that save you from wasting the MYK just to get the C.


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