Hi All, I have a BN20 that is not cutting correctly.

There are times it cuts through the backing material and leaves partially cut areas on other areas of the design. I have tried the following solutions to no avail:-

1) Changed blade and depth

2) Changed Holder

3) Altered cutting force and offset

4) Reviewed design / cut lines (all good)

5) Changed cutting strip

(This job in question was cutting great until half way though it) 

Have previously had problems with cutting to deep and other parts of jobs not cutting correctly.

I believe that it may be the Cut Cartridge Board (I have one on order).

How do you go about establishing the integrity of this board and if bad changing it?

All help gratefully appreciated.

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I found on numerous user on a BN20 that the issue is cut force. All were getting uneven cuts, too much, to little, none. Never, board, strip, holder, and few times a blade. However all the time force. So ensure machine is leveled, tip is good and verified) and start with 90 and adjust from there to get the lightest force with a credit card length out.

Hi Irving, thanks for input.

Re force:- I have done exactly what you have advised, started at 90 and worked down to being on 68-70, was cutting perfectly when halfway through job it went to shit and started cutting unevenly over whole job.

Did all normal things:- Changed blade, cutting strip and pressure to no avail, was cutting through backing in some places and not cutting sufficiently in others, hence logic of board replacement. Always cuts test great, when doing job then starts to mess about. (Prior to comments re cut lines, quality etc, they have been checked time and time again and are perfect.)

I have been reading similar problems with the BN20 cutting on the forums, as stated I have ordered cut cartridge which should arrive today, I will change and try cutting with new strip and cartridge board and advise. If no different with new cartridge then have to investigate for other possible variant.

IMHO, there are precious few videos of anybody doing anything with these printers, even though there are numerous faults with them, I will video changing the card and put up for peoples reference.

****Top marks to the guys at Stahls for the video content that they put out, always very helpful**** 

OK with what stated, but you did not talk to the machine being on a level surface. If it is not see if the uneven cut (thru media) is on the higher side. I am still not at the board yet, but since you have it on the way, you can change and test. The one other thing but you will need a tension gauge is to check the cut assembly tension at various positions and possibly adjust that if it is out of sync. The 3 jobs I had with your issue were all force adjustment related and once set and user trained on force adjustment, never had anymore of those calls.

Hi Irving, Thanks for reply.

Level of machine:- Is level (or as near as dammit)

You talk about "cut assembly tension":- How do I ascertain this and how do I change it?

Cutting:- Machine has brand new blade and cutting strip yet is still cutting unevenly across the job. (Appears to cut certain parts deeply other parts hardly cut) As stated previously job was cutting fine then changed.

Update:- Machine cuts on right hand side (nearest capping station) deeper than left hand side. Cut appears to loose consistency of force going left 

There does appear to be many people with issues relating to the cutting capabilities of this machine.

You need a tension gauge, service app, and tech manual to make the adjustment. So for the BN20 that means a Tech.

Hi, was this issue fixed? We are having the same issue and i think its that cut cartridge board ?

Appreciate your response.

Hi, I appear to have rectified problem at the moment without fitting new cutting board

Having looked at the medias I was cutting I felt that the recommended blade cutting depth was to deep, I retracted the blade to what I felt was correct for the specific media and applied more force. (I am now using cutting force @ 70-80 for clothing vinyl and 100-102 for laminated sign vinyl)

This appears to have rectified the problem for now.


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