Hi All, I have a BN-20 - does anybody know or can advise re the maintenance schedule for changing the Felt Wiper & Rubber wipers? (I have had the machine for about 1.5 years and not had notification to change either of the wipers as yet.)

Apart for the normal cutting problems everybody experiences with the BN20 my printer works fine!

FYI. I have recently upgraded to Win 10 and the BN20 utility does not appear function correctly now.

All help greatly appreciated

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Anybody? or does nobody maintain or change the wipers?

BN 20 has a different driver for Win10

As for your wiper and felt - do a visual inspection or just wait for the notification, which goes by wipes/hours

Hi Irving many thanks for reply.

Re wipers, had the printer 1.5 years now and never received message to replace either of them. (Printer is used most days)

Re Win 10 driver:- you have  to use the one for Win 8 (As specified by Roland)

BN20 Utility:- Does not work correctly with Win 10.

Once again, thanks for your time and help

The felt is never cleaned (felt) if it is crudy, then change - the machine cannot detect that

Wiper, if it is curling then change - machine cannot detect that - If you are wiping it weekly with the cleaning solvent and around the top when you do a manual cleaning - you will be fine until prompted to change.

The driver for Win8 and Win10 is different - if the Roland tech tells you to use the 8 and it does not work, you got the wrong tech, just saying. I did not get my BN to work until I used the Roland procedure using the Win10 driver, again just saying. Your machine your choice, you will get to the point where you will try anything because you need your machine to work at the end of the day.


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