We were doing banners (first time) and unfortunately when the vinyl came to the end of the roll the material was taped firmly to the core roll which obviously caused a jam and the machine to lock.  After removing the vinyl we went to reload a new roll and noticed the left vinyl guide was totally tweaked (pic attached). 


Being new to vinyl and the BN-20 just wondering if this piece is easily replaced or if we need to schedule a service call from Roland.  Also besides tracking the amount of banner material used per roll to anticipate the end is there anyway to protect oneself from this happening?



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It is a pain to replace but we do have a guide somewhere on how to do it. i will see if I can dig it up. You can try bending it back into shape or if your dealer is close enough, they can come out and replace it.

I recommend always knowing how much media you have left as there is no other real way to prevent this from happening if you have that type of jam.

Thanks Steven - it seems like it is beyond just bent and needs to be replaced.  I purchased the BN-20 from you all (Imprintables) - if you can find the guide to replace great if not do I contact Imprintables or Roland to fix?

Here is the guide for replacing them. Call us on Monday and we can get the part ordered for you and help you through the replacement when it comes in.

here is a link to it - it is over 5MB and cannot be directly posted here.

BN20 Media Clamp removal procedure

Thank you! - Should I ask for "support" on Monday when I call or ???

Appreciate the assistance.

Ask for tech support.

Whenever I print a banner or something that is very long I feed out the length to be printed then feed it back, mostly I do it to make sure it will feed straight but if your roll is almost gone to make sure you have enough material. hope that helps.


Thanks for the suggestion - never would have guessed the end of the roll would be so firmly taped to the core causing such a mess with the printer/cutter.

Short follow up that may save a fellow BN-20 some time and frustration.  We called Imprintables and they kindly sent us a replacement part overnight at no expense.  After installing, which is doable but a little tight and takes some patience, we kept getting the infamous beeping when the print/cut head went to the far left.  For us that typically indicates the roller is not on a rough surface.  In this case that was not the issue.  We called Imprintables and never was able to speak to someone in support as they were busy.  We never received a call back and out of desperation called Roland support.  They figured it out in a second - that thin metal vinyl guide must have the small "padded" pieces on the top and the bottom of the vinyl guide.  The one we received did not.  It was virtually impossible to remove from the old piece so Roland gave us the confidence that we should be able to bend the old one back into shape.  Took a little doing but we got it close, reinstalled and worked like a charm. 

Couple things we learned - you really need to track media usage to avoid damaging the machine and second to look closely at the old part and new part to make sure they are one and the same.

I know this is a very old post but I am in panic! I have an order due today.  It's taken me awhile to learn illustrator and get the bb-20 going.  On my very first print/cut same thing my media clamps bent.  I have tried to pull up the BN20 Media Clamp removal procedure and it's gone.  Does anyone have this available? I'm desperate and I can't get anyone at Imprintables to answer a phone.  This happened to me on a brand new roll so I don't know if it has anything  to do with that.  Please let me know where to find this info.



Try calling the Roland tech help line go to RolandDGA.com and go from there, they are in California so it's not five oclock there yet, Imprintables closes at five east coast time. hope that helps you


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