Hi All;

recently I've begun having an issue with the Roland BN-20 utility software. It launches, but then after less than a second it closes. 

I'm running Windows 10. When I started having this issue, I was running version 1.3 of the BN-20 utility.

I updated the Utility app to the latest version (1.4). This did not help. Same behavior.

I uninstalled the utility and re-installed version 1.0. It runs and stays open, but does not connect to the printer. So, I ran the updater and took it up to the most current version (1.4). After doing this, I am back to my original problem state.

This feels like a problem caused by a Windows update, but that is only a guess.

I'm wondering if anyone else has seen the issue, or has any other ideas to try.

I should add, I am able to print from Versaworks. My problem is only with the BN-20 utility.



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OK, I'm back up and running.

Here's what I did, based on reading glom older posts.

With the machine on, I pulled all the ink carts and re-inserted them, as well as the waste ink tray.

When I looked back at my screen, the BN-20 utility was running and I was able to interact with it.

this is totally word, but it works.

Hope this helps someone else.

Thanks for the update, also ensure you are running it as an administrator.


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