I just wanted to share a set-up I made for my BN-20. My work office has a door that is constantly open to the garage or back yard with my dogs always coming and going, and I know particles are not the friend of my BN-20. So I had some thin wood cut to create a bottom, top, and sides around the space in my wire rack that stores my BN-20. I then added some plastic to go around all sides except the bottom).

Having this set-up for several months, I've found this to keep out virtually all dust out of the enclosure. It is by no means air-tight, but it really makes it difficult for a lot of dust to get in there. Pictures attached...

Question #1: Ever since I had my reflective paper curl up and block my print head (thankfully no damage), I have been sliding over the pinch roller really tight against the media spool.

Sometime after, I've noticed some of my cuts are not lining up perfectly. I wonder if I have too much friction between the pinch feeder and spool that is making it not feed properly during cutting?

I also recently replaced the blade with the heavy duty Roland blade with .50 offset. However I don't get the cut mis-alignment all the time - it happens sometimes on the larger print jobs that feed more media - hence my guess that friction on the spool is preventing the media from feeding freely during cutting. Any thoughts? See third picture - I circled the area in yellow. I may not be calling the parts by the right names...

Question #2: In the near future I may be moving about 1,100 miles and 17 hours away. What is the best way to prepare the printer for this long trip?

Thanks in advance to Irving and everyone else who may be able to help. Happy Holidays!

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