Hi guy's, not used the printer today but it;s just thrown this message up on screen and is beeping at me, now after a good search it sounds like the main power board has gone!

Dose this sound correct? can these boards just pack in like this?

PS, no paper jams and the feed is free

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That is a main board error - The control of the scan feed is not done correctly. or there is a cut line in the scan feed motor control part on the main board. The problem is with the scan feed motor control.

You will have to see what was last done and what happen between then and now. There might have been a moving part that dislodged the cable. Unlikely, but a more hopeful possibility than replacing the main board. Of course the first step is turning off the machine and then turning it back on  if the problem persist then it sounds like a dealer level repair for sure.

Thanks for the reply Irving, which board would it most likely to be? as I see 2 power boards,main and secondary?

Scan Motor plugs into the Servo Board

Feed Motor plugs into the Junction Board

The controller is on the mainboard

Aha so nothing to do with the power boards :( the main board being the biggest one that sits vertical on the side...

Just an update on this, I ordered the 2 power board, small one didn't make a difference but the larger one fixed the problem :) after a few head cleans it's up and running fine :)

Great to hear Scotty and thanks so much for the feedback. The larger board you are referencing is the Servo board, correct? Continued Success - Happy CAMMing!

Hi Irving, thank you :)

The board I replaced was the long one closest to the side (not the smaller square one)

A follow-up question on the long completed thread, if I may......

I have exactly the same issue with my BN-20. I have sourced a Service Manual with instructions & diagrams showing how to remove and replace the board in question. But the first thing that the manual states is to run the "Service Application", and to save system reports, system parameters and such like.

Is this step completely necessary? I see no mention of it ion the repair sequence outlined by scotty back in August 2016

You need Roland to have access to the Service App - The SA can pull and place the parameters that is required for the new board. To work on a BN without a SA is not an easy undertaking nor is manually setting up a motherboard.

Thanks Irving, I figured that would be the case.

I've left the machine completely unplugged from power for the last 36 hours, and have just restarted it again. So far........ NO BEEPING!!!!!

I'm now going through my usual weekly cleaning regimine to see if there has been any ink blockages occurring in the time it was off.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand......... she's working!!!

:-)  :-)  :-)

great to hear, sometimes you just need a break!


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