BN -20 is throwing a pinch roller error message for the left pinch roller position.

Over the phone, my dealer technician help me run the sensor check in the service application. It appears that the sensor is not seeing the roller. It could be the sensor itself, The ribbon cable that carries the signal, or some problem with the control board. Maybe there are other potential causes as well.

I would like to get access to the pinch roller in order to clean it. Any tips on how to do this? I find it very difficult to access.

Secondly, I would like to try to repair this myself, as I am a 7 hour drive from the dealer. Yes, I live in the boonies!

Do you all have any other ideas I should try before I haul this machine to the dealer? Also, how hard do you think it would be for me to replace that sensor, ribbon cable, or a circuit board if necessary? Obviously, I would like to repair it myself if it is a reasonable thing to do.

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most likely the sensor - known problem - the machine very hard to work on and you need the service app.

Sorry in paragraph three, I meant to say "get access to the pinch roller sensor"...

Irv, thanks for your note. 

Randy I hate working on this particular machine due to the closeness of all the parts. You will need a dealer to get the part, you will need a tech manual to show you how, you will also need the app that is unlock with a phone call to Roland. If all of that was to happen, I then suggest that you get painter's tape and label all parts that you remove and reverse that order to reassemble. Good Luck.

Well, I understand your concerns after having fiddled with it for a while. 

I have figured out the problem. The electrical connection to the pinch roller sensor has come apart. The connector is unplugged. Probably pulled out by some material that bunched up during a jam. I can see that the connector has separated. Now, the challenge is if I can get a tool on it and get it plugged back in. Definitely in a tight spot. If I am unable, then I probably have to take it in. I have no interest in fully dismantling the machine without all the things you mentioned above.


Actually I have found that to be a common problem. You do not need to take it in for that, you just have to take it apart until you can reach it. My further caution is that as you take the covers off. There are two screws on each side that are in the middle top of the left and right side. Those do not have to be removed for they are dampeners and hold a piece on the interior nothing to do with the covers. You are to work on the outer screws and keep the screws with the covers. I usually tape them to the part. Most of the screws are interchangeable, but a few on the side covers are a little longer. Keep us informed of your weekend project. No service app or manual necessary, just place it back in place.

Well, I have the covers off, following the order described in the service manual. The dampeners you describe were preventing me from getting the rail cover off, so I had to take them out (and replace them after the cover came off).

With the right side cover off I can see the loose connector by looking through a hole, but I have been unable to get it plugged back in. I just can't find the right tool that fits through hole in the side panel, and let's me manipulate the connector into it's mating half, and then seat it. 

It seems I need to further disassemble the machine, but I'm stumped as how to do it without taking something apart that would require me to do some service process that requires the service app and a code from Roland. I don't want to do that until my service tech is available on Monday.

If you know of some way to get at that sensor location that I'm not seeing, I'd love to hear it. If I could get the hex rail out, that would give me access, but I don't see a way to take it out easily.

Thanks for your encouragement over the weekend!

After reviewing the procedure  I am not sure it is worth it  because you would need to remove the ink cartridge assembly and the waste cartridge. ugh. So all of those ribbon cables and other cables would have to be moved to the side 

Closing this out with a few comments-

Through another user I was blessed with a document that explains how to fix this problem. It turned out to not be as hard as you might think, but it did take some thinking and finagling as my machine did not fit the instructions perfectly.

basic process-

-remove the covers (all of them as described in various places in the service manual.
-take out 2 screws that hold the ink cartridge sub assembly, as well as a few clips that hold the ink lines
- disconnect the ribbon cable to the ink cartridges
- gently set this assembly aside without disconnecting any ink lines
- now you should be able to see the pinch roller sensor on the back of the carriage. if there is a metal plate blocking your view, it can be removed by taking out 2 screws. They are accessed from the front. (This took me a while to figure out.)
-Re-attach the sensor connector (yay!)
Reassemble the machine.

Back in business!

great job, glad someone gave you what I was trying to discribe

Thx for this post you saved me. Was hopeless when i found this post and finish the job in 1 1/2 hour. The cable is designated to fall out all cables have safety but not this one.

Roland need money for job like this to call techinician because not everybody can do it. They must have financial problems. 

Back in bussines!

hi, I got a same problem (cable came out from the sensor at the back of the carraige/head) and managed to open up the cover.

Do I need to take out the big stainless rod/railing so that I can access the back of the carriage?
Otherwise, how to access it?

The front is covered by print head and the back is very narrow.

many thanks in advance

Hello, does anybody have access to the service manual mentioned? Having this exact problem and seems like day light robbery paying £350 plus £140 an hour for an engineer to fix a £7 sensor


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