Hello everyone! My name is Mattia and I live in a little town near Venice, Italy. First of all I wanted to thank you for this forum, it helped me a lot to understand how to use and clean my plotter.

I own a BN-20 since May 2018 when I bought it new from a local Roland official seller. I use it almost everyday to make labels for cosmetics products. Sometimes happens that it doesn't work for 1-2 days but than maybe it prints for 3 days from morning to evening no stop, it depends on the orders I receive. It always worked without problems, I do normal cleaning and nozzle test everyday before starting and also during the day when I start a new print with different files, accurate manual cleaning with the sticks every Friday as well.

About 2 months ago it happened something weird: I've launched a job from Versaworks and after 2 minutes the plotter started loosing black ink from the head to the pvc like a waterfall. I immediately turned it off and started cleaning everything (it was full of ink on the cap top, wiper, wiper felt, floor, etc) being sure that the printhead would not work anymore and it was to change. After about 1 hour of cleaning I ordered from the local seller a new wiper, new wiper felt and new cap top and fortunately the day after I was able to replace everything.

I was lucky because the plotter started printing immediately but unfortunately after this strange fact the nozzle test shows some deviation and missing nozzle.

I've run some medium and powerful cleaning but nothing changed, I called the seller who said to try to put a wet stick on the central part of the head for 20/30 seconds during manual cleaning but after this operation seems to be a bit worst than before. After reading on this forum i tried to perform a head soak for about 2 hours (not with a new cap top and yes, I've blocked the pipes after the cap top to maintain the cleaning liquid on the capping station) but nothing changed.

I called the seller again and he told me to try a head wash that could solve the problem. I bought a cleaning cartridge but before doing it I wanted to know from you guys what do you think about it. I'm a little afraid to do it. Do you have any suggestions?

I post 3 photos, the first one shows the moment when the black ink came out from the head (sorry I was so shocked so I made only one picture and I didn't take pictures of the inside part of the machine). The second one is the nozzle test and the third one is to show how it prints now, you will see black ink in the white parts.

My configuration is CMYK (no white or metallic ink) Eco sol max 3.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my English ;))

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Thanks for a very thorough explanation, steps, and ink setup. 

The black overspray in your print is from the black nozzles not staying in their lane. The black leaking out has to do with vacuum lost - I would start with a damper for that. If you do a 48 hour head soak and those black nozzles do not clear up, you will need a head. If you do have someone change the head, change all 4 dampers.

BTW - love Venice - was there last year and was amazed.

Hi Irving, thanks for your quick reply!

I don't know how to change a dumper, I need someone to do it for me. Friday I'll go for a 48h head soak, hope it will help me even though I don't have good feelings. It's bad to be forced to change the head after only 2 years and just out of Roland warranty!

I'm glad you enjoyed Venice!! Hope to see you here again soon ;)


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