I have a BN-20. I sometimes get this on the top row of new print jobs. I am suspecting it is from page curl. It only happens on the top most row, and I think it is from when I have cut the vinyl from the previous job - adding to the curl.

So if I'm right, I'll simply ad 2-3 inches of extra vinyl after each job cut, so that the top edge of the vinyl where the first printing happens doesn't curl as much.

Do I have this right, or is it something else?

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exactly - whenever I try to save media with my BN, I end up wasting media

Do not fight the machine - it is designed for media waste - of course that would be disputed and that comment reflects my own views and not those of any Organization not even mine - lol

Thanks Irving. I'm going to add 2 extra inches before each job. Actually, as soon as I release the feed lever, or whatever it is called, it loses it's vinyl memory and will automatically add about 3-4 inches. I guess that will have to do. I'll just run a few jobs together without cutting to help offset some of the unavoidable waste.

I just hope the page curl didn't damage my print head.

A nozzle test will show if it did damage, usually not since there is a guard. If you start it where you cut the last job that usually works for me. If I am starting fresh, then I put it under the black bar. I do not like the fact that you have to start it so far out, and you also cannot save on the back end. The bigger brothers allow smaller widths, less front and rear waste. Let me know when I am coming out to install your 30in machine, although I say for you to go straight for the 54". You get to provide the coffee and see me for at least 6 hours, just saying!


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