I bought a bn 20 couple months ago and I replaced the wipers dampers and captop. Everthing works when I powered it on but when I performed a normal cleaning, no ink is coming out through the printhead nor moving in the ink tubes ( removed the top cover touched nothing else)

Tried powerful cleaning still nothing. Tried head soak then another powerfull cleaning. Nothing.

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Why did you replace the dampers? What indications or symptoms were you addressing?

If it was working before and not after the damper replacement, you broke the head by getting ink on the printhead board!

I replace the dampers because I realized the printhead that came with the printer was damaged (the green ribbon on one side was torn out through deterioration. I got some used printheads so I decided not to use the old dampers but order new ones

Damaged or no or misplaced or missing print cable will break the head

Ink or overflowing damper on the printhead board will break the head

If machine goes through the motions but no ink, and ink can be pulled through the head - head is broken

So it is important to know if you have absolutely no nozzles or a few

On the used printheads, depending how they were placed out of service will depend on how they respond when placed back in service

There are a lot of variables to begin to even suggest how to help you - It is better when you start with stuff you know is in working order

My only suggestion is to ensure you have ink flowing - use syringe under the captop to pull ink

Ensure your fuse on the mainboard is good

Ensure you do not have air in the lines - use Choke clean to remove

thanks for the insight. I couldn't afford a new printead but I idling on Ebay one day and saw someone selling 8 printheads for cheap. I took a chance in buying them. the printhead installed is one of them.
I carefully did a manual head soak by submerging the printhead about 1-2mm in a bowl of cleaning solution before installing
Btw, can the printhead be install incorrectly because I realized that it has quad inserts on both sides

Exactly it can be install wrong and there is one different cable that if placed wrong can break the head. Once head is broke not fixing. Cables go in on the right side, headrank is on the left side, from front to rear the special cable is in the 2nd slot. Also you need to set the headrank, clear the history, and make the head bias, vertical, and horizontal adjustments. WE do not cover that here since it is in the service mode, just as the choke cleaning. But if you do not know how, those are the things you need to look for and there are some sites that provide that info.

Wow. That's quite technical. I reinstall the head based on how it was installed before. Please comment what you may think is off.

That is not even a good enough picture to begin to see if anything is wrong. If you have no experience or training in installing the heads, there is more to it than just taking one out and putting another one in. You need to do that from the machines service mode, and now I am believing none of that was done.

oh boy, I didnt even know that BN has a service mode. I search throughout google and youtube and found nothing related to been in a service mode, not even with the  BN-20 utility software. 

I upload some others I hope that can show more info


btw how do you do a choke clean?

What I can tell you is that the fact I can see the captop is not good. Fill it with cleaning fluid and seat the head. Even if you do not have the machine on, if the head is left uncapped - those nozzles will dry out!. 

Ok. So how do you put the printer in service mode


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